SONRIS Database Access "Classic"
Oil & Gas Quick Tour

New to the SONRIS "Classic" Oil & Gas Information Database Query Component? Here's what you need to start

Obtain a level 4 or better browser. DNR recommends the free Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 web browser, which supports all SONRIS components. Netscape only supports some SONRIS components. Thus, internally, DNR uses Internet Explorer 5 for all SONRIS development and access.

Obtain a browser add-on from DNR called JInitiator. SONRIS uses Oracle and Java technology to deliver information to you via the Java JInitiator (developed by Oracle Corporation) which configures your browser to insure proper performance. JInitiator is required to access SONRIS database applications, and is available from DNR as a free download or on CDROM. JInitiator is 9.29MB in size, so allow adequate download time based on the speed of your Internet connection. You can visit the JInitiator page for more information.


Now that you have the right browser and JInitiator, link to for the SONRIS Home Page

When the SONRIS Home Page is displayed as shown below, in the left frame click on either Conservation, Minerals, or
General Reports to display one of the following screens that allow access to the SONRIS Business Application's screens
or reports.

Click on "Conservation" to display the following screen.

Click on "Minerals" to display the following screen.

Click on "General Reports" to display the following screen.


Once the Applet has completed, the SONRIS Oil & Gas Query Main Menu is displayed, like the following...

Items on each menu represent a form, or screen, from which you can initiate queries into the 40,000,000 records contained in the SONRIS Oil & Gas database. A form is SONRIS terminology for a screen of information...when a form is originally displayed for you, it is blank, and you need to tell SONRIS via a query what information you want to appear on the form. As an example, let's assume you are looking for information on a particular well, and you already know that the Well Serial Number is 220083

Press the item that says

The blank form entitled Retrieve Well Profile is then displayed...

Blank Retrieve Well Profile form

On the Well Profile form, build your query by entering your well serial number...

But what is a query? A question...essentially, you ENTER criteria about the information you want displayed, then EXECUTE the query in order for SONRIS to obtain the information. Perform a query as follows:

  • Under QUERY on the menu bar of a form you've displayed are located both ENTER and EXECUTE.
    • Click on QUERY / ENTER
    • Enter your query criteria, e.g., a Well Serial Number, in our example 220083
    • Click on QUERY / EXECUTE (or press the F8 EXECUTE key).
  • Alternatively, you can follow this procedure...
Note the query buttons on the menu bar SONRIS Query Buttons
Click on the Query Enter button SONRIS Query Enter Button
Enter your query criteria, well 220083  
Click on the Query Execute button SONRIS Query Execute Button

Entering a query on the Retrieve Well Profile form

After you press the EXECUTE query button, your information will be displayed as follows...

A Retrieve Well Profile form with data populated by SONRIS

A few other important query tips!!

  • I entered data to start the query, but I've changed my mind. How do I cancel a query before I execute it?
    On the menu bar, click QUERY / CANCEL, or click the Query Cancel button SONRIS Query Cancel Button
  • I completed a query. How do I remove the information so I can make another query using the same form?
    On the menu bar, click on ACTION / CLEAR ALL
  • Is there a wildcard character that I can use in a SONRIS query?
    Yes. The percent sign % is the wildcard character. For example if you did a query on WOOD%, you might get a response back that included WOODVILLE, WOODBAYOU, WOODRIVER and WOODSTONE.
  • What is a list of values and how do I do it?
    Certain fields or data elements on a SONRIS form have available what is called a "list of values". With your cursor in that field, pressing the F9 key will instruct SONRIS to pop open a small window containing all of the valid values from which you can choose.

Other tips about using the Oil and Gas Information Component are available in the SONRIS FAQ Page.

Continuing to other SONRIS Oil & Gas forms...

You can continue to access information from one form multiple times, as many times as you need. For example, you may want to query several different well serial numbers. Once finished with a specific form, you will need to exit back to the SONRIS Oil & Gas Main Menu.
Press the "Exit Door" icon SONRIS Exit Icon (third icon from the left) or click on ACTION / EXIT on Menu Bar. You will be returned to the SONRIS Oil & Gas Main Menu.

Once back to the Main Menu, you can execute other forms as you need to.

Exiting out of the SONRIS Oil & Gas Application Component

Once you are finished accessing information, and you are on the SONRIS Oil & Gas Main Menu, you have three options to exit out of SONRIS:

  • Press the "Exit Door" icon SONRIS Exit Icon, or
  • Press ACTION / EXIT on Menu Bar, or
  • Press the large "EXIT" button in the top right-hand corner of screen.

When the following window is displayed, click on YES to exit SONRIS/2000

SONRIS Exit Window

Now that you have a quick overview of how the Oil & Gas Component works, where do you want to go next?

 SONRIS Home Page

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