Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
Office of Coastal Management (OCM)
Joint Permit Application
For Work Within the Louisiana Coastal Zone

U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers (COE)
New Orleans District

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Permit Number:   P20100632 Date Received:  05/24/2010

Step 1 of 15 - Applicant Information

Mailing Address: 16676 Northchase Drive
Houston, TX 77060
Contact Information: Aimee Blount
Daytime: 225 766 0445 Fax: 225 766 6427 Contact Email:  

Step 2 of 15 - Agent Information

Apex Environmental Services, LLC
Mailing Address: 9332 Bluebonnet Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Contact Information: Aimee Blount
Daytime: 225 766 0445 Fax: 225 766 6427 Contact Email: ablount@apexenv.net

Step 3 of 15 - Permit Type

Coastal Use Permit (CUP) Solicitation of Views (SOV) Request for Determination (RFD)

Step 4 of 15 - Pre-Application Activity

a. Have you participated in a Pre-Application or Geological Review Meeting for the proposed project?
No Yes Date meeting was held:


(Individual or Company Rep)

(OCM Representative)

(COE Representative)

b. Have you obtained an official wetland determination from the COE for the project site?
No Yes JD Number:

c. Is this application a mitigation plan for another CUP?
No Yes OCM Permit Number:

Step 5 of 15 - Project Information

a. Describe the project:
Remove platform and bury or remove associated pipelines at OCS location, West Cameron 31, SL 18447, #1. Structure consists of Caisson with 1 well, top and bottom jacket, and deck. Sever Conductor and Caisson with explosive charges or abrasive cutting. Aerial surveys will be conducted before and after for observation of marine life.

b. Is this application a change to an existing permit?
No Yes OCM Permit Number:

c. Have you previously applied for a permit or emergency authorization for all or any part of the proposed project?
No Yes

Agency Name Permit Number Decision Status Decision Date
Other Richard Hudson LTA # 0059-10 Approved 04/23/2010

Step 6 of 15 - Project Location

a. Physical Location
City: Parish: OFFSHORE Zip:
Water Body: Gulf of Mexico
b. Latitude and Longitude
Latitude: 29    43    10.5 Longitude: -93    5    25.5
c. Section, Township, and Range
Section #: Township #: Range #:
Section #: Township #: Range #:
d. Lot, Tract, Parcel, or Subdivision Name
Lot #: Parcel #:
Tract #: Subdivision Name:
e. Site Direction:
Site is located 13.96 miles southeast of Cameron, Louisiana in the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Cameron Parish, LA.

Step 7 of 15 - Adjacent Landowners

Adjacent Landowner : Manti Godzilla, Ltd.
Mailing Address: 800 North Shoreline Blvd. Suite 900 South
Corpus Christi, , TX 78401
Adjacent Landowner : BTA Oil Producers, LLC
Mailing Address: 104 South Pecos
Midland, , TX 79701
Adjacent Landowner : Catapult Exploration
Mailing Address: 800 Rockmead Drive Suite 122
Kingwood, , TX 77339
Adjacent Landowner : LLOG Exploration
Mailing Address: 433 Metairie Road Suite 600
Metairie, , LA 70005

Step 8 of 15 - Project Specifics

a. Project Name and/or Title: Platform Removal WC 31 SL 18447 #1
b. Project Type: Non-Residential
c. Source of Funding: Private
d. What will be done for the proposed project?

Bridge/Road Home Site/Driveway Pipeline/Flow Line Rip Rap/Erosion Control
Bulkhead/Backfill Levee Construction Plug/Abandon Site Clearance
Drainage Improvements Dredging Production Barge/Structure Subdivision
Drill Barge/Structure Prop Washing Vegetative Plantings Wharf/Pier/Boathouse
Drill Site Pilings Remove Structures
Fill Marina Major Industrial/Commercial

e. Why is the proposed project needed?
Production has ceased. Operator has no further utility for Caisson or support pipelines, flowlines or structures.

Step 9 of 15 - Project Status

a. Proposed project start date: 06/15/2010 Proposed project completion date: 09/01/2010

b. Is any of the project work in progress?
No Yes
The work permit has been obtained but work has not begun on plugging and abandonning the well.
c. Is any of the project work complete?
No Yes

Step 10 of 15 - Structures, Materials, and Methods for the Proposed Project

a. Excavations

0   yd3 0   Acres
b. Fill Areas

0   yd3 0   Acres
c. Fill Materials

Concrete: yd3 Rock: yd3
Crushed Stone or Gravel: yd3 Sand: yd3
Excavated and placed onsite: yd3 Hauled in topsoil/Dirt: yd3
Excavated and hauled offsite: yd3        
Other:    none 0 yd3
d. What equipment will be used for the proposed project?
Airboat Bulldozer/Grader Marsh Buggy
Backhoe Dragline/Excavator Other Tracked or Wheeled Vehicles
Barge Mounted Bucket Dredge Handjet Self Propelled Pipe Laying Barge
Barge Mounted Drilling Rig Land Based Drilling Rig Tugboat
Other:    Derrick Barge

Step 11 of 15 - Project Alternatives

a. Total acres of wetlands and/or waterbottoms filled and/or excavated.
0 acres
b. What alternative locations, methods, and access routes were considered to avoid impact to wetlands and/or waterbottoms?
Operator is not aware of alternative methods for structure removal that would have a lessor environmental impact.
c. What efforts were made to minimize impact to wetlands and/or waterbottoms?
Operator would prefer to bury pipelines in place as to avoid disturbing water bottoms.
d. How are unavoidable impacts to vegetated wetlands to be mitigated?
As required by the State of Louisiana, Dept of Natural Resources, Coastal Use Division and/or other regulatory bodies that are included in the application review process.

Step 12 of 15 - Permit Type and Owners

a. Are you applying for a Coastal Use Permit?
No Yes
b. Are you the sole landowner/oyster lease holder?
No Yes
The applicant is an owner of the property on which the proposed described activity is to occur.
The applicant has made reasonable effort to determine the identity and current address of the owner(s) of the land on which the proposed described activity is to occur, which included, a search of the public records of the parish in which the proposed activity is to occur.
The applicant hereby attests that a copy of the application has been distributed to the following landowners/oyster lease holders.

Landowner/Oyster Lease Holder: State Land Office c/o Clay Carter
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 44124
City/State/Zip: Baton Rouge       LA 70804
Landowner/Oyster Lease Holder: Ridgewood Energy Fund,, LLC
Mailing Address: 11700 Katy Freeway
City/State/Zip: Houston       TX 77079

c. Does the project involve drilling, production, and/or storage of oil and gas?
No Yes

Step 13 of 15 - Maps and Drawing Instructions

VicinityMapWC31SL18447#1.pdf 05/24/2010 10:54:48 AM

PlanView.pdf 05/24/2010 10:55:52 AM

CrossSectionView.pdf 05/24/2010 10:56:08 AM

Step 14 of 15 - Payment

The fee for this permit is: $100.00

Step 15 of 15 - Payment Processed

Applicant Information
Applicant Name: MCMORAN OIL & GAS, LLC
Address: 16676 Northchase Drive
City/State/Zip: Houston, TX 77060

Application Information
Permit Type: CUP
To the best of my knowledge the proposed activity described in this permit application complies with, and will be conducted in a manner that is consistent with the Louisiana Coastal Resources Program. If applicable, I also certify that the declarations in Step 12c, oil spill response, are complete and accurate.

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