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Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

The Office of Conservation, in an effort to make information on solution-mined caverns in the State of Louisiana as accessible as possible to the public, has provided this web-based interactive map as a means of making readily available basic information on the number and uses of such caverns, arranged by location of their respective salt domes, shown in relation to other geographic and cultural features. The purpose of this site is to provide immediate access to public information on solution-mined caverns in the State of Louisiana. This information is intended to serve only as an initial reference for research of solution-mined cavern information and general information on the status and permitted use of such caverns. Information on the nature and volume of storage caverns at a given time can be requested through the Office of Conservation. The information and data on this site are dynamic and will change over time. We strive, in good faith, to provide current, reliable and accurate information; however, we fully recognize that, in some cases, changes to the information on the website may lag in relation to changes in use or status of existing or planned cavern operations. For detailed information concerning a salt dome or cavern, please contact the Office of Conservation by calling (225) 342-5540 or by emailing ooc@la.gov.
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